O’Connor Harvesting are mechanical grape harvesting contractors, operating since 1988 in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

O’Connor Harvesting started business in 1988, with 4 harvesters.

Today, there are 35 harvesters in the fleet, working across three states.

The self propelled harvesters are New Holland Brauds from France. The Mecca Tow harvesters are pulled by Kubota tractors and originally came from the USA. We have also built Mecca Tow harvesters.

Yearly comprehensive rebuild programs ensure new technology is incorporated where required.

Our machines are known for their cleanliness between vineyards and also across state borders.

We are proud of the professional reputation O’Connor Harvesting has for reliable machinery, competent operators, and hands on management.

O’Connor Harvesting also offers pruning and green trimming services.